Amazon Scores a New Kindle Exclusive: 91 eBooks from Best Selling British Author

Amazon announced today that it was now the only eBook retailer with a collection of 91 titles from Dame Catherine Cookson. These titles, including some which were long out of print, consist of most of the published novels from one of the UK’s most-read authors

Most of her eBooks are available from $1.50-$5.99 and can be downloaded exclusively from the Kindle Store. All 91 exclusive titles are available to U.S. and international customers on, and to U.K. customers on Note that some titles in the Kindle Store are still available from the original publisher, and that’s why they cost so much more.

The difference in price should be rather interesting. On the one hand there are the cheap eBooks released by the author’s estate. And on the other hand there are the expensive eBooks published by Simon & Schuster, some of which cost 3 times as much. I wonder which will do better in terms of sales?