Amazon rumored to be developing Android console for release this year

amazon-logo-650Image via Amazon

Rumor has it Amazon is developing its own Android console, say sources close to the situation.

Speaking with Game Informer, sources with “knowledge of the in-development hardware” confirm the console will be released by the end of the year, and will mostly likely be available before Black Friday in November, the official start of the holiday shopping season.

The rumor states that Amazon will leverage its own Amazon App Store, which provides access to many Android games and apps already, many of which may be available for free on Amazon during limited time promotions. The console will also reportedly have its own controller.

This news follows the rocky launch of the Ouya earlier this year. That Android console has been met with lackluster sales and reviews, along with controversy over its launch, which saw Kickstarter backers being forced to wait for their promised consoles while the general public could freely purchase a device in stores.