Amazon Appears Primed for New York Restaurant Food Delivery

Reuters reporter follows the LinkedIn trail.

Mari Saito covers Alibaba, eBay and Amazon for Reuters. As part of that West Coast beat, she checks any and all avenues for possible story leads.

Late this week, LinkedIn delivered a solid scoop. Saito found more than a dozen job postings, suggesting that Amazon is getting ready to bring its nascent Seattle food delivery service to New York as well. From her piece:

The exact purpose of the division is unclear but the job description of at least one employee in the unit suggests Amazon is interested in expanding restaurant delivery services beyond Seattle, where recent media reports say the company is already testing its own meal delivery program.

There are at least 15 job openings for a division called “Amazon Restaurants,” based in Seattle and New York, according to a Reuters search on LinkedIn and Amazon’s own jobs site.

There are also six other postings for “Amazon Restaurants and Travel,” which appears to be a separate unit.

Amazon declined to comment.
[Photo: Duc Dao/]