Amazon Reportedly Developing 3-D Smartphone

Company hopes to be Apple competitor, broaden reach for content distribution

Amazon's long-rumored smartphone will have a glasses-free 3-D display, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Citing anonymous sources, the Journal said that Amazon is at work on two phones, including one high-end model with a 3-D display. A dizzying display of technology might make the phone stand out in a crowded market, though the 3-D display concept was of middling success for HTC's 2011 Evo 3D. Amazon's smartphone will also reportedly use eye tracking control, which Samsung has implemented on the Galaxy S4, allowing users to pause and scroll through content with their eyes.

The Journal report indicated that Amazon is also working on an audio-only device—think a cloud-connected iPod.

According to the report, these technology inroads are part of a larger expansion into hardware development that Amazon hopes will put it in competition with Apple. Last month, media outlets revealed Amazon is developing a set-top box. With an array of hardware including its Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon hopes to broaden the reach for its content distribution.