Amazon Removes IPG Kindle Books

Amazon has removed almost 5,000 books from the Kindle store after the  company failed to renew its contract with the Independent Publishers Group, a group that distributes books for more than 400 indie publishers.

Publisher’s Marketplace has more: “President of the second-largest independent book distributor Independent Publishers Group (IPG) Mark Suchomel said in an e-mail alert yesterday, ‘I am disappointed to report that has failed to renew its agreement with IPG to sell Kindle titles.’ As of yesterday, Suchomel says, Amazon has taken down all IPG ebooks from its site, though they continue to sell print books from the distributor’s clients.” has more: “The move appears to be limited to IPG for now. Susan Reich, president of distributor Publishers Group West, told me, ‘We have an ongoing working relationship with Amazon and I have no reason to believe that our titles are at risk of being taken down.'”

The move comes as Amazon has been under attack by other booksellers and groups including Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo and the American Booksellers Association are boycotting selling the print editions of Amazon’s own imprints. The groups have said that Amazon is being anticompetitive and hurting the industry.