Amazon Releases ‘Shadowfever’ eBook Three Hours Late

Author Karen Marie’s new book Shadowfever –the fifth in her Fever series- hit bookstores today and eReaders last night at midnight ET. But Kindle users were left out in the cold.

Fans of the author who purchased the eBook on preorder awaited the prompt arrival of the eBook on their Kindles at midnight, But when the book failed to appear on time, the fans collectively complained in a Kindle forum, some even canceling their orders.

Rocky wrote: “do i just click the check and sync for new items on my kindle to see if its ready for download??”

Marsha Sowell wrote: “Hey guys, since Amazon hasn’t released Shadowfever (I’m in eastern time) you can cancel your order. I took an earlier suggestion and tried the sony reader library. As soon as you pay the book downloads! I have it now!”

Topaz wrote: “The NOOK version is up, able to download and now open! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I’m reading it now cya suckers!”

The problem apparently stemmed from a time zone issue, because customers who had preordered the book and waited, saw the book show up in their Kindle library after 12pm PT. Meanwhile the eBook had been available in other eBookstores for three hours.

According to Marie’s site, her book Darkfever is one of Random House’s Top Ten bestselling eBooks for 2010 and her books Bloodfever, Faefever and Dreamfever claimed spots 1, 2 and 3 in bestselling romance eBooks. We wonder how this delivery failure will affect Marie’s chances of joining the Kindle Million Club.

Via Jane_L.