Amazon Releases App Emulator for 7″ Kindle Fire HD

Amazon announced a new tool for Android app developers today. It’s an emulator which has been customized to duplicate the  7″ Kindle Fire HD.

Did you ever wonder how an app developer can know for sure whether an app will run well on your device? They can’t really, because not all app developers can afford to buy all the devices on the market. But something they can do is run apps on emulators.

An emulator is an app, and it’s used to run other apps. For example, there are Android emulators which can be run on Windows, and inside those emulators you can run other Android apps. Developers use emulators to to test apps to make sure they work correctly, and that’s why Amazon is offering one based on the Kindle Fire HD. Here’s more from the article:

As the emulator images reflect the underlying devices as closely as possible, they include support for some of the Kindle Fire unique capabilities such as GameCircle, In-App Purchasing, and Maps. …

To ensure that the emulator performs as well as possible on a range of computers, we support GPU emulation which delivers a smoother graphical experience and faster start-up experience. While this will help performance throughout the emulator for host computers that support these capabilities, it will have the most impact in graphics-intensive OpenGL- based applications such as games. Learn more by following the instructions at this link.

Amazon is not alone in offering this tool. A number of device makers have released emulators for their devices.