Amazon Receives Patent For Dual Screen eReader

Dual screens may be coming to eReaders. Yesterday, Amazon’s request to patent a double screen eReader was approved. U.S. patent # 7,748,634 was filed back in 2006 by inventors Gregg Zehr and Symon J. Whitehorn for Amazon Technologies. Watch out Toshiba, the Kindle might go dual screen.
The screen will be able to display text and graphics. The patent abstract explains, “A handheld electronic book reader device is equipped with dual displays. The device includes a first display for presenting visible representations of textual or graphic content related to the electronic book. The device also includes a second display positioned alongside the first display. The second display includes a plurality of graphic elements that correspond to portions of the first display.”
It also sounds interactive. From the patent abstract, “Also, the second display is responsive to user input to one of the graphic elements to perform an action on the content that is shown in the portion of the first display that corresponds to the one element.”
Via Ubergizmo.