Amazon Quietly Launched a Kindle Social Network

Twitter is a buzz Sunday night with the news that Amazon had added social networking features to the Kindle support site at Kindle users can now create a profile page, follow other Kindle users, share details about their reading habits, and so on.

I’m not sure that this qualifies as news, other than the fact it happened so quietly. The new features appear to have been launched quite some time ago; there are some users with hundreds if not thousands of followers.

But if you knew about this already then you’re one up on me. I did not know until it came across the twitter transom Sunday night. I had known that you could share highlights, but I didn’t know about the other social networking features.

In fact, the last time that eBookNewser covered this site (back in February) there was only a mention of some of the features, not all. I also cannot find any thorough discussion of these features, not even on the Kindle blogs I follow. That would fit my definition of Amazon quietly adding features.

Compare that to any other social network and you will see a rather odd difference. I’ve never seen a new social networking site launch with so little notice, have you?

Have you been using the Kindle Social Network? Is it any good?