Amazon Publishing Has a New Series of eBooks on ‘Icons’

Amazon Publishing has introduced a new line of short biographies called “Icons.” The books will focus on iconic people in history and will be authored by a range of different writers.

The series launches with ten titles including a biography of Jesus by Jay Parini, which is due out in December. Other titles in the series include: Stalin by Paul Johnson, Lucian Freud by Phoebe Hoban, J.D. Salinger by Thomas Beller, Poe by Paul Collins, Van Gogh by Julian Bell, Hemingway by Mark Kurlansky, David Lynch by Dennis Lim, Hannah Arendt by Anne Heller, and Hitchcock by Michael Wood. Veteran publisher/editor James Atlas and Amazon’s senior editor Ed Park are editing the series.

“In a time when our fascination with the private aspects of public lives is so intense, it’s not surprising that biography has become one of the most prominent forms of narrative nonfiction,” stated Atlas. “Yet reading habits have changed dramatically in the digital age and I am excited to bring these short biographies to the Kindle platform.”