Amazon Now Selling a Million Kindles a Week

Did you buy a Kindle this holiday season? You’re not alone. Amazon announced today that the Kindle and the Kindle Fire have been flying off the shelves. For the past 3 weeks, Amazon has sold over a million of their eReaders and tablet each week. What, was this supposed to be a surprise?

Today’s news should surprise no one. My comment isn’t cynicism; I’ve visited the Amazon website this past week and both the Kindles and the Kindle Fire are heavily promoted. Amazon has even gone so far as to recommend that anyone searching for an iPad should first look at the Kindle Fire (link).

And then there’s the price of the K4. Amazon clearly knew what they were doing when they priced the ad-subsidized Kindle 4 at only $79. It’s a highly competitive eReader for that price.

Still, a million a wee is a lot closer to real stats than Amazon has ever gotten. Do you think this could lead to real sales figures in the future?