Amazon now Running a Special Sale on Kindle eBooks

Amazon launched Sunshine Deals yesterday. This is a new marketing effort for Amazon, and it’s an opportunity for publishers to test the waters. They can now offer their eBooks at $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99 and have them be singled out by Amazon. They won’t be lost in the multitude of cheap eBooks, and that should boost sales.

So far as I can tell, all the eBooks offered in this sale are from small to mid-sized publishers. I can’t see that any are from the Agency 6, but that doesn’t surprise me. If they’d wanted cheaper eBook prices, they wouldn’t have gone Agency. Most of the titles are at least a year old, which again makes perfect sense.  These are the titles that could use the biggest boost in sales.

As always, it’s the marketing effort that is the important detail here. Amazon has always had eBook at this price, but  there has been something of a stigma attached. $.99 has been the realm of the self-published, and with this fancy new label Amazon clearly plans to change that.

Sunshine Deals is scheduled to end on June 15th.