Amazon Launches new Submission Page for Kindle Singles

It’s been just over 9 months since Amazon started the Kindle Singles program, and earlier this week Amazon posted that the program was doing well.

The Kindle Singles storefront is now up to 80 titles, and the 80th Single was released on Tuesday. It’s called The Sum Of My Parts, and it was written by a freelance film critic named James Sanford.

Depending on how you measure it, 80 releases in 9 months might not be a success. But the Kindle Singles program is a narrow niche with specific requirements, and anyway Amazon called it a success. that’s why it’s launching a new submissions page.

Amazon will still accept Kindle Singles submissions by email, like it did when the program launched. But it also hopes that the new page will draw more attention to the program and help provide a first level filter for new submissions.  The page explains what the program is, what type of content it’s looking for, and how to get a piece considered as a Kindle Single.

via Amazon