Amazon Launches New Portal – Kindle Fire Development Resources

It looks like Amazon is pinning their hopes on the Kindle Fire; at the very least they’re doing everything they can to make it easier for developers to build apps for it.

Amazon has just announced the KF Dev Resources, a one stop shop for  anyone interested in developing an app for the Kindle Fire. The site includes a list of best practices, detailed documentation, an emulator, and even sample code which you can play with until you’re ready to get started with your first app.

The documentation has suggestions on how to best set up your development environment, tips on creating a great customer experience, and Amazon will even explain how to optimize and test apps so they’re run better on the Kindle Fire.

Amazon launched the Kindle Fire late last fall to much fanfare, and they are rumored to be planning to release a couple new tablets this year, including one with either a 10″ or 9.7″ screen. I wonder if Amazon has tips ready to help developers optimize their apps for the larger screen?


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