Amazon Kindle, with S for Speed(y Shipping)


Amazon just announced a holiday promotion, offering free 2-day shipping on Kindle (and other selected electronics) so the device arrives in time for Santa to put it under the tree. Amazon even gave Kindle its own “2-day-shipping” box on the home page.

Obviously, this is a move to capitalize on Barnes & Noble’s delays in shipping the Nook: if there’s someone on your list who wants an eReader, chances are you’ll buy them the one you can get in time for the holidays (and the one that didn’t get miserable reviews its first week).

At this week’s eBook Summit, Sony’s Steve Haber said his company still plans to get the new wireless Daily Edition of the Sony Reader into stores before Christmas. With that date fast approaching, Sony’s Web site still says, “Pre-orders will ship Dec. 18 thru Jan. 8. Actual delivery date cannot be guaranteed.”

Look’s like if you want an eReader under your tree, Kindle’s your man.