Amazon Kindle Now Selling at Best Buy (UK) and Carphone Warehouse

Amazon announced today that its newest eReader could now be purchased from 2 more retail chains in the UK.

The Kindle Wifi is listed on the Best Buy UK site, where it’s being sold for £111. That’s in store only, which suggests that they might also have a display model you can play with. In comparison, you can find it on for the exact same price.

But the Kindle does not appear to be listed yet on the Carphone Warehouse website, even though all the news stories report that it will be sold there. One even goes so far as to say it can be bought under contract, but these details have not been confirmed.

Gordon Willoughby, European Director of Kindle said, “We are pleased to be working with The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy to offer the Kindle devices in store. The reach and appeal of both these first in class retailers combined with the excellent level of personalized service provided by its people gives customers a great new place to discover Kindle and Kindle 3G.”