Amazon Kindle Blog Publishing Open to All

The Amazon Kindle has a unique way of providing access to blogs. In the beginning only a select 100 (or so) blogs were available for subscription by Kindle owners. However, as TechCrunch noted…

Kindle Publishing Now Open To All Blogs

This means anyone can publish blogs for Kindle owners to potentially pay and subscribe for (as doubtful as that is for most of us IMHO). I tried out the blog publishing process by creating an account and adding a couple of my personal blogs. After entering the appropriate information, each blog was approved for publishing in what seems like a matter of seconds.

Quite honestly, I don’t expect anyone to subscribe to my personal blogs. They are available for free on the web after all. But, it was interesting to go through the setup process which was simple and fast.

You can find the Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta site at…