Amazon is Now Recruiting iOS App Developers

Amazon is no longer to content to let app developers come to it; it has started looking for the apps that it wants on the Kindle.

One developer of a Periodic Table app has reported that he’s being recruited by Amazon. In fact, he’s done more than just report it; he even posted the email he received from Amazon. Curiously enough, he’s also release a couple other apps, but Amazon is only interested in the one. It’s possible that the other apps didn’t fit Amazon’s criteria.

This is a fascinating development because Amazon doesn’t talk about its Kindle apps, nor does it allow developers to talk. No one outside of Amazon knows anything about how Amazon picks and approves apps, so this is truly the first glimpse inside the monolith.

Of course, this still leaves one question unanswered: programming languages. Most iOS apps are developed in Objective-C, while apps on the Kindle are developed in Java. The 2 languages have some similarities but they are not the same. How much success will Amazon have in encouraging developers to switch languages?

via Apple Insider