Amazon Introduces $164 3G eReader

Amazon couldn’t take it B&N and Kobo getting all the press. So they put out a press release too, though it is after 7pm. Their news? They are now offering a 3G version of Kindle with Special Offers  for $164. Aka an ad supported Kindle 3G.

Jay Marine, Director, Amazon Kindle, stated: “In response to customer requests, we’re now making these money-saving special offers available for Kindle 3G. You will get all the features readers love about Kindle 3G – free 3G wireless, global wireless access, Pearl electronic ink display that’s easy to read even in bright sunlight, access to over 950,000 ‘Buy Once, Read Everywhere’ Kindle books – all for just $164 – the lowest price for any 3G e-reader.” Funny, William Lynch CEO of Barnes & Noble, said today that they were moving away from 3G.

The Amazon device comes with all kinds of special deals like $1 Kindle books and a $20 gift card for the price of $10. It ships immediately.