Amazon Instant Video App Doesn’t Like JailBroken iPads

There was much joy yesterday when Amazon announced the release of the Amazon Instant Video iPad app. Video lovers can now stream any of 18 thousand videos as well as rent or buy from a catalog of over 100 thousand videos.

Unfortunately, the joy was tempered by the sad realization that the app refused to run on jailbroken iPads. There was little reason for the block, given that jailbreaking has little to do with piracy (and there are easy ways to get free content anyway).

But the fact remained that Amazon didn’t want their own customers to use legally acquired content unless the customer was willing to jump through that one hoop.

Fortunately there does appear to be an easy fix. Several people have tweeted that there’s a tweak in the unauthorized iOS app store Cydia which can help. It’s called xCon, and it’s supposed to convince apps like AIV that your iPad isn’t jailbroken. I haven’t used it (no hacked iPad), so I don’t know for sure.