Amazon Has Surged Ahead of Facebook, AT&T and Visa in Ranking of World’s Most Valuable Brands

Google and Apple remain at the top of BrandZ's list

The ecommerce giant has increased its brand value by 41 percent since last year, according to the study. Getty Images
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Kantar Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ top 100 study is being released today and suggests that Amazon is the tech company that’s gaining the most ground. The ecommerce giant cracked BrandZ’s top 5 for most valuable brands worldwide for the first time, coming in at No. 4 and jumping ahead of Facebook (5th), AT&T (6th) and Visa (7th).

Google (1st), Apple (2nd) and Microsoft (3rd) remain the globe’s most valuable brands, according Kantar Millward Brown’s study. Its rankings combine raw financial value in terms of revenue dollars with “brand contribution,” which entails a percentage that’s based, according to the WPP-owned company, on the “proportion of financial value generated by the brand’s ability to increase purchase volume and charge premium.”

Amazon’s value, per the study, increased 41 percent since last year, when it ranked seventh on BrandZ’s list. And as the stats below reveal, Google and Apple are the world’s most valuable brands by a wide margin.

It’s also worth noting that Xfinity—Comcast’s seven-year-old TV, internet and phone services brand—has come out of nowhere to rank No. 23.

Here’s the full top 100 list:


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