Amazon Flack’s Comment on How Often He Makes Comments: ‘No Comment’

Tucked away in this weekend’s nth “What Will Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Do with The Washington Post?” article lies a less-than-subtle hint at the company’s media relations strategy:

Ha ha. Jim Romenesko even asks “Does Amazon’s spokesperson have the world’s easiest job? (All he ever says is ‘no comment.’)”

We don’t know that we’d go that far, but it’s safe to say that Bezos and Co. follow the Bill Belichick “keep it boring” model to a T. And yes, Amazon spokesperson Drew Herdener does make liberal use of the phrase in question. Their company’s PR team has determined that it’s best to simply put up and shut up whenever possible.

Here are some other key quotes about Bezos, his management style and his approach to media relations:

He gives interviews only when he has something to promote, and always stays on message…there are fewer leaks out of Amazon than the National Security Agency.

“He just makes ordinary control freaks look like stoned hippies.”

As an Amazon joke has it, work-life balance is for people who do not like their work.

Oh, ha ha. See a pattern developing here? Amazon’s always been extremely tight-lipped:

Amazon, which reportedly hosts, has been asked to take it down for violating its rules against hate speech. An Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment or even confirm that the company hosts

Come on. We begrudgingly give the company’s media relations strategy three stars—we understand it, but it won’t find its way onto our Amazon wish list anytime soon. And we won’t bother writing a review, either. What is this, Yelp?