Amazon Echo Upgrades Alexa So She Can Understand Your Pets, Just in Time for April Fools’ Day

Petlexa spoof offers to 'get the whole house talking'

YouTube: Amazon

For this year’s April Fools’ Day, Amazon is introducing a version of its Echo speaker for the dogs, cats and gerbils that might be jealous that their owner is spending too much time talking with somebody named Alexa.

In a YouTube video, Petlexa—as it’s called—riffs on the AI voice assistant that’s become increasingly ubiquitous in homes by showing why pets might want their own artificial assistant for when owners aren’t around. In an adorably humorous spot, Petlexa helps household animals track their wheel steps, play their Caturday music or activate an automatic ball thrower.

Unlike a lot of brands’ annual hoaxes, which often range from the borderline feasible to absolutely absurd, Amazon’s actually highlights the features in a way that humans can appreciate—and potentially buy if they don’t already have one.

“If your pets are shy to warm up to their new AI friend, try suggesting music by The Animals or an audiobook like Marley and Me on Audible,” according to Amazon. “So, go on—get the whole house talking with pet voice commands. To learn more, just ask.”

Petlexa is compatible with both feline and canine operating systems.

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