Amazon Drops Kindle 2 Price to $299: Is a Kindle Killer on its Way?

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I’ve long said that my “magic” price point for Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader is $199. But, I have to admit that I’m very tempted to buy a Kindle 2 at its new lower $299 price. But, honestly? I’m still not convinced that I read enough books per year to justify a Kindle even at its new lower price. After all I spend most of my “sitting still” time either at work or writing this blog. In other words, I spend a lot more time writing than reading 🙂

Tell you what, Amazon. How about meeting me in the middle with a drop to a $249 price point by this fall? I would definitely give it a strong purchase consideration at that price. And, if it gets to the $199 area, the order button may be pressed.

But, tell you what, Amazon… If you wait too long, a firm like Apple may come along with a product that redefines both the netbook and ebook reader market and the Kindle may be kindling. The window of opportunity for grayscale ebook readers may be shorter than you think.