Amazon Could Sell 3 to 5 Million Tablets This Year

Forrester Research has come up with a not too shocking prediction. It has just released a new report that suggests Amazon’s new tablet will not only be a success, it will also dramatically shift the tablet market.

Forrester believes that of Amazon prices its tablet at below $300, it will sell anywhere up to 5,000,000 units. The report goes on to suggest that Amazon will not be trying to make a profit on the tablet, which doesn’t make sense. It can’t be a loss leader for the digital content because Amazon already uses eBooks, mp3s, and Android apps as loss leaders (in order to get you onto the site to buy stuff.).

One of the wilder predictions in this report is that Amazon will partner with other tablet makers, which would mean that we could eventually see a bunch of Amazon tablets on the market from a number of different suppliers.

The bottom line: A year from now, “Amazon” will be synonymous with “Android” on tablets, a strong second to Apple’s iPad. If you haven’t yet contemplated how Apple-Amazon tablet domination will change your product strategy, now is the time to plan and act.

The full report is for sale for $500, and all I can share with you are the teasers from the press release. But sale price of the report begs the question: Is this a valid prediction or is Forrester to cash in on the media frenzy surrounding the Amazon tablet?

via Forrester

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