Twitter Reminds Amazon That Their ‘Lady Boy’ Costume Sucks

Amazon gave the LGBT community neither a trick nor a treat.

Perhaps an open letter to Jeff Bezos and would have helped? Maybe reading the pages of his newspaper in Washington D.C. could have been a clue?

It’s 2-0-1-5 and the idea of an LGBT offensive smear gift is probably a really stupid idea.

Case in point: It’s nearing All Hallows Eve. And while many kids are searching for ways to dress up like a super hero, a civil servant, or something slightly more ghoulish, the doltish buyers at Amazon thought offering a costume called “Lady Boy Drag” would be a surefire win.

Wait, what?! 

Most of us in the PRNewserverse immediately would ascertain that in this day and age, making fun of the LGBT community isn’t a good idea. Yet, here it is, in all of its NSFW glory…

lady boy drag

Stay classy, Amazon. And yes, that fabric thing is precisely what you think it is.

messing with me

Our words exactly. The costume has been pulled from the online swap meet, but it took some urging … from Twitter. You know this won’t be pretty.