Amazon Cloud Player Updated With Higher Quality Audio, Music Match

Amazon might still be in a distant second place to iTunes in the music market, but today is the day that will stat to change.

Amazon’s just announced an update to their cloud music app. Cloud Player has always been able to play your music, and now Amazon is saving you the effort of uploading it. You can now use the app to scan the iTunes on your computer and have Amazon build a list of all the songs you own. You can then play those songs on the Cloud Player apps for Android and iOS as well as on the Kindle Fire.

Amazon has also increased the sound quality of your mp3 collection.Any music you’ve bought or uploaded will be upgraded for free to high-quality 256 Kbps audio. If you’re like me this last point is particularly important. I have an old mp3 collection, and much of dates from the days when 128Kbps was a pipe dream. Now I won’t have to replace any of the music.

Of course, there’s one point which I don’t see that Amazon has covered, and before you do anything to your collection you should look into this. Amazon might let you use a high quality copy of music you already own, but I’m not sure they’ll let you download that audio file. Until I know for sure that they’lllet me do that I don’t plan to delete anything from my computer.