Amazon Cloud Drive Now Allows Unlimited Music File Uploads for Paid Accounts

If you’ve been streaming music from Amazon’s Cloud Drive to your Android phone or tablet, you may have been watching your bytes because the plan you are on (most likely 5GB for a free account or 20GB for $20 per year or if you bought an Amazon MP3 album). MP3 music purchased from Amazon is not counted against the storage limit. But, songs you upload from your own drive is… until now. Amazon is changing their rules for a “limited time.” Paid storage accounts now provide unlimited space for uploaded music too. This includes accounts that were previously upgraded through either the purchase of an MP3 album or outright storage purchase.

This means that you can upload as much MP3 or AAC music files as you want from your desktop or notebook computer and stream the music to your Android phone or tablet. And, oh yes, read the next blog item to learn how Apple’s iPad benefits from this too now.