Amazon brings “Billboard” app features to Appstore

Amazon is giving developers a new way to get noticed in the Amazon Appstore — large format features the company is calling Billboards.

As detailed today on the Amazon developers blog, Billboards are essentially Amazon’s version of the prominent app features Google and Apple use in their own apps stores to  promote apps they find to be particularly interesting or noteworthy. Just like the app features already employed in Google Play and the iTunes App Store, clicking on an Amazon Appstore Billboard will take a user directly to an app’s listing page

Although the impact of receiving such a prominent featured position in an app store varies depending on the store, the type of app being featured, and whether or not the app in question is free or paid, the endorsement almost always results in a significant spike in downloads. In January fitness app RunKeeper saw its downloads boosted by an eye-popping 673 percent after receiving a Billboard-style feature in Google Play.

Much like the app features in Google Play and the iTunes App Store, Amazon itself will select which apps will receive a Billboard feature, but developers can apply for consideration by submitting a 1024 x 500 Billboard-ready image through Amazon’s mobile app distribution portal.