Amazon Books Releases Interactive Map of Great American Eats

Amazon has introduced an interactive map of the “Great American Eats.” The map is comprised of a list of 360 cookbooks organized by region across the United States and plotted on a map.

The map is organized into nine different regions around the country and there is also a category for “All- American Cookbooks.” You can click on a the section in the map to get a list of recommended books for sale for that region.

Mari Malcolm, Cookbooks & Lifestyle Editor at Amazon, chose the books which includes titles by chefs such as Mario Batali, Ina Garten, and David Chang, as well as Top Chef contenders such as Edward Lee and Richard Blais.

Here is more about the project from Amazon:

In Michelin-starred restaurants, hole-in-the-wall diners, and food truck oases, around backyard grills, in tiny walk-ups and gleaming suburban kitchens, Americans are making room for the everyday pleasures of cooking and appreciative eating. We’re recognizing innovative chefs as stars. We’re following and interacting with extraordinary cooks and bakers on their blogs. We’re posting pictures of amazing meals (from restaurants, and the ones we make with our own hands) online, trading recipes, learning how to can and pickle, foraging, putting in edibles where we used to have lawn. We’re sitting down to dinner with family and friends again, often in our own homes.