Amazon Appstore Expands to Europe This Summer

It looks like those rumors from a couple weeks back are true; the Amazon Appstore is going international in the next few months. Amazon has just announced a new portal for app developers. Anyone who has signed up to sell or distribute an app via the Amazon Appstore can now also set prices for the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Details are still scarce on when exactly the Appstore will launch in those countries, but Amazon did say that at a later date they plan to expand beyond those 5 countries. “We’ve seen that Amazon gamers are hungry for great content and are willing to open up their digital wallets to pay for it,” said Niccolo de Masi, CEO and President of Glu Mobile. “Taking a successful platform like Amazon’s and expanding it across the globe is going to give us an even broader customer base and create an opportunity to generate even more revenue—something we are very excited about.”

And when they do  expand, Amazon is going to put serious pressure on Google. This might explain why Google recently relaxed their rules for access to Google Play to allow Kobo update the Vox, a budget Android tablet, with the Google Play client. Me thinks the market is going to get a little complicated later this year.