Amazon Android Tablet in Second Half of 2011?

Amazon’s Kindle finally made ebooks popular after others had tried for over a decade. After Amazon lowered the price of entry to $139 with its WiFi-only model last fall, it looked like they were on their way to ebook world domination. The Kindle’s e-ink technology provided a superior reading experience under a wide variety of lighting conditions. And, Amazon’s ebook selection and delivery is second to none.

However, Kindle’s own ebook reading app for other platforms like Android, iPhone and iPad also become widely used. And, Barnes & Noble seems to have a winner on its hands, after a couple of interations, with the Nook color. The Nook color’s recent transformation into an Android tablet has made the ebook reader world a lot more interesting. The Kindle’s limited functionality makes it appear a bit dated although personally I like its single-minded focus on ebook reading.

Amazon’s Android app store raised speculation that it was planning to enter the Android tablet space. And, this DigiTimes report seems to support the idea that an Amazon Android tablet is on its way.

Quanta receives tablet PC orders from Amazon, say upstream sources

I do not believe that Amazon will replace the Kindle with its black and white e-ink display. My belief is that an Amazon Android tablet will be the vehicle for delivering streaming video, full color magazines and, of course, Android apps from Amazon’s apps store.

Via ZDNet: Amazon: Is an Android fork inevitable? Meet Kindlebread