Amazon Acquires Team Behind Quorus Social Shopping Service

Quorus, a social shopping site that facilitates better conversation between customers, merchants and customers friends, has had its entire team acquired by Amazon.  We covered the service a year ago, and chatted with the CEO, and are happy to see the smart team being picked up.  It’s not known whether Quorus itself will be utilized at Amazon, or whether the team will be working on something new.

The idea behind Quorus is to enable people to communicate around products.  In the image below from our previous feature on Quorus, we see Lauren chatting with Michael about the shoes he’s about to purchase.  The real-time chat popped up as soon as Lauren logged in to the service.

Quorus is a business application, so in the example, Lauren is heading to Zappos mobile to use the Quorus service, which is actually invisible to customers.  This may make the technology easy to infuse into Amazon’s existing offerings, or it could be used in some of Amazon’s new mobile hardware like the Kindle Fire.

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