Amazon’s New Locker Delivery System is Now Live in NYC

Amazon has quietly decided to expand the beta test of its locker delivery system this week with 8 more test locations now live in Manhattan. Geekwire has turned up a new set of shipping options on NYC residents can now have their orders redirected to one of the locations, where they will be able to pick up the package at a time that’s convenient.

This system first showed up in Seattle a few weeks back, and the 8 locations in Seattle went live last week. Geekwire tested the system and reported that it was easy to redirect a package to one of the lockers.  The blogger also noted that Amazon was tracking the size of the packages and wouldn’t let him ship a lawnmower to  the locker.

Picking up a package was easy. Amazon will email a 6 digit code after the package has been delivered to the locker. The recipient can get the package by typing the code into the keypad.