Amazing World: Ganz Studios’ colorful browser MMO for kids

Image via Ganz Studios

Webkinz creator Ganz Studios has officially introduced its newest game, Amazing World, a colorful free-to-play browser game, powered by Unity. Aimed at players ages six and up, Amazing World offers light 3D massively multiplayer online (MMO) gameplay, as gamers can create an avatar, complete quests and customize a home in the virtual world.

Amazing World’s storyline asks players to complete enough quests and challenges to eventually stop the evil Queen Vexa, a critter who wishes to destroy the Amazing World. She attacks players early on, stranding them without a home or much of anything in the way of resources, but players are introduced to other critters that can help them build their home, create a garden, and more.

Image via Ganz Studios

Players in Amazing World are guided through the story by a simple quest system, with prompts that help younger players know exactly what to do without getting confused. They’ll earn experience points and currency for completing tasks, and can use their rewards to purchase items in the store, including new clothing items for their avatars. There are multiple “species” of characters to choose from, so each player can look different from the next.

To make things easier for younger players, many quests in Amazing World contain “do it” buttons, which toggle a large arrow on the screen, guiding players to the exact location to pick up collectibles, meet new characters, and so on.

An in-game chat system allows for social interaction between players, and users can also work with others to chase away the evil Nix, Queen Vex’s minions. Combat is virtually nonexistent, and instead asks players to simply walk over or run into enemies to automatically chase them away.

Image via Ganz Studios

Eventually, players unlock a variety of mini-games, like treasure hunting and fishing, as well as platforming and driving stages. Many of these activities relate to achievements, which give players an additional thing to shoot for over time.

Amazing World is available to play for free in browsers, but Ganz’ eStore does allow for the purchase of exclusive playable characters. The game also supports membership subscriptions, with members receiving access to special characters not available to free players, access to all items within the game’s shop, no level restrictions, additional quests, an unlimited friends lists, and private messaging to other players.