ESPN Duo Less Than Amazed by ‘The Amazing Kreskin’

For better or worse, this is the power of Twitter. Within seconds of hanging up the phone this afternoon with New Jersey guest The Amazing Kreskin, 710 ESPN AM host John Ireland was letting listeners know about receiving this tweet:


He also, in the same breath, apologized to the audience for having to suffer through the 20-minute Kreskin conversation. But truth be told, it wasn’t quite as bad as Ireland, colleague Steve Mason and the above fan from “The 818” were making out.

Sure, Kreskin dropped a ton too many “Let me tell you’s…”, didn’t let the co-hosts get a word in edge-wise and ended with a long, no-payoff Fox Business Channel tale. But there were a couple of cute anecdotes early on and guys like this have, to a certain extent, earned the right to hog the phone.

During the interview, Kreskin was literally slotting himself in a “Mason & Ireland” return engagement. But you don’t need to be a mind reader to guess Mason or Ireland’s thoughts about that idea.