Amazing Books Develops Ads in eBook Apps

Today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Amazing Books co-founder Benjamin Rosenberg, discussing the controversial topic of advertisements in books. Rosenberg also talked about some of the trickiest issues facing digital book publishers: eBook pricing and enhanced eBook content.

The still picture embedded above is taken from My First Trip To Washington DC 3D, an interactive eBook app created by Amazing Books. Using the company’s tools, advertisers can actually embed their message inside the book. Press play below to listen to the whole interview.

Here’s more from the interview: “In a new line of books we’ve done are travel books for children. With those books, we are doing what we call in-product placement. It’s very similar to what you would see on television or in the movies–where the product is inside the [app]. Some advertising we did is on the city bus or the metro that the children use to get around [inside the app]. It looks no different than something you would see on a normal bus. It’s very kid friendly and it’s a great way for advertisers to get their brand out there.”