Amanpour Spends ‘Enough’ Time in D.C.

We already knew that ABC “This Week” Host Christiane Amanpour lives in Manhattan and spends little time in D.C. But just how little?

NY Magazine gives us more of a clue about her sentiments about it in a story published today by Chris Rovzar about a recent cocktail party for CNN’s Piers Morgan, which Amanpour attended.

An excerpt:

“Do you know that not everything happens in D.C.?” Amanpour asked me, jokingly, pointing out how this weekend’s edition had revolved around Saturday’s shootings in Tucson. “Look. You’ll see now that we’ll be doing programs focused on big stories of the week, or other big stories, and sometimes they’ll be interviews that are not just in Washington D.C. Washington is the capital of this country, that’s where politics happens, that’s why the show is there at the moment.”

So how much time does she spend in Washington, versus up here in New York? All she’d say was: “Enough.”