Amanda Knox Flies Under the Radar as Seattle Freelancer

The most astonishing thing about AOL breaking news and original content managing editor Ryan Gorman’s scoop (with a Twitter assist from Ryan Chittum) isn’t so much that Amanda Knox is covering the arts for a hometown weekly newspaper. It’s that she has been doing so… for several months.

From Gorman’s article:

The Westside Weekly publisher Ken Robinson confirmed to AOL News that Knox has been a freelance arts reporter at the publication since this summer…

Knox works mostly from home, Robinson said. He has never actually met her in person. “I only have contact with her through email,” he added.

Knox’s most recent piece, “Letting Her Inner Nut Shine,” appeared last week. It chronicles a typically esoteric Kickstarter campaign and suggests that “arts reporter” may not be quite broad enough a description for what Knox is covering:

West Seattle locals Lynnette Mathias and Adam Stevenson—Mom and Dad—are about to embark on a Kickstarter campaign this Sunday to raise funds for NuTiger Organics Cashew Milk, quite literally a product of love originally and optimally designed for Malaika’s health which they are now seeking to extend to the community.

Before making cashew milk her personal business, Lynnette says that, when on the hunt for milk alternatives, everything she found was “full of stabilizers and preservatives. For one thing, it’s not clean. It’s not a whole food if you’re having to add stabilizers. And secondly, carrageenan and the different gums can cause or irritate digestive issues. 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut so, for me, that just wasn’t okay to give to Malaika.”

The Westside Weekly was spun off last fall from a group of affiliated weeklies. Read the rest of Gorman’s report here.

[Image: Gil C/]