Always Highlights #Unstoppable CSR Work in ‘Like a Girl’ Follow-Up

Filmmaker Zuriel Oduwole stars.

Always, maker of feminine products and winner of every award ever for MSLGroup and ad agency Leo Burnett, takes a victory lap this week with the follow-up to its #LikeAGirl campaign.

Much of the press regarding the new work focuses on the appearance of spokesperson Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark–but the campaign also includes more content from outside the agency world.

A key example is the video below, in which 12-year-old Nigerian filmmaker Zuriel Oduwole–who has earned quite a bit of recent media coverage–reviews the company’s CSR accomplishments. Remember, she is only 12 years old:

As Oduwole puts it, “there’s nothing wrong with what’s going on with your body. It’s normal for everyone.”

The new ad, which launched at the same time as the CSR clip yesterday, echoes the same “unstoppable” sentiments:

Praise for this campaign is not universal. Some of our female contacts find the ads “patronizing” and argue that, much like the Dove “Real Beauty” series, they go too far in ascribing emotional value to basic consumer products, thereby contradicting their own key messages.

That said, these campaigns and their hashtags will continue to win awards and earn media coverage with the help of the requisite celebrity spokespeople:

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