Is Now Redirecting Viewers to an Article About ‘Gaslighting’

Before, it pointed to a New York Times story

Three days ago, people found it interesting that was redirecting readers to a New York Times story about White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway's reference to "alternative facts" on a Sunday morning news program. 

Now, the anonymous owner of has changed where the URL sends viewers, redirecting them instead to an article about gaslighting on Gaslighting is the mentally manipulative practice of making someone feel crazy and confused using lies and other misinformation to gain power over them.

Earlier today, White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon lambasted The New York Times' and the Washington Post's coverage of President Trump, stating countless times in a single interview that the newspapers and the media in general should be "embarrassed" and "humiliated."

"The media should keep its mouth shut," Bannon told the Times.

So it appears's owner is implying Bannon and his team are engaged in a sophisticated game of gaslighting. 

And, as was the case a few days ago, social media users are having fun with it.