Alterman Gets Frisky … Again

He fights … therefore he exists. Pugnacious Nation scribbler — and we are not unconscious of the irony of that — Eric ”Fisticuffs” Alterman follows up his latest bust-up with Portfolio’s Jeff Bercovici, by unceremoniously bum-rushing the Gray Lady, and tossing about overheated charges of the ”appearance of conflict of interest.” Does this guy ever simply … desist? Alterman, who seems to be in a perpetual state of blood-feud, draws an odd connection between a Yankee’s-New York Times promotion at — of all places — a street fair, and the Gray Lady’s coverage of the city’s favorite sports franchise on top of Page One. Alterman concludes in Media Matters (via Romenesko):

”If the Times is really interested in preventing the ‘appearance of conflict of interest,’ given its business relationship with Steinbrenner and Co., then it’s Yankees fans who should be complaining.”

Better idea, Eric: How about they just don’t and say they did.