Also Overheard in Miami

basel.jpgFor your reading pleasure, we present more ‘Overheards’ from sunny Miami. And don’t forget, we’ve neatly gathered all of our coverage here.

A pair of sharply dressed fellows lingering at the Deitch booth’s giant Kurt Kauper painting of a grinning naked guy.
See what I told you? This is totally the year of the male nude. It’s like, the Art Basel theme.

Quick, come over and look at these shiny blobby things on the floor!
A woman excitedly summons a friend by cell phone to see the silver sculptures by Marepe scattered on the floor of Galeria Luisa Strina‘s Art Basel booth.

Irritated man on guided tour of the fair upon seeing a wall of Diane Arbus photos at the Fraenkel Gallery booth.
But I have photos like these. I took them in the 50’s and 60’s. These look like my photos. In fact, I happen to think some of my photos are better. I don’t get it!

A giddy fairgoer at the Mary Boone/Jablonka booth:
Boothgoer: I’m totally blown away by these paintings!
Booth Attendant: Yes, it’s Eric Fischl. Are you familiar with his work?
Boothgoer: Can you come over and tell me about this painting? I just can’t figure out what’s going on. There’s so much going on, I can’t figure it out. It’s blowing me away!

Man to female companion as they stroll through Art Basel:
So how long has this Rauschenberg guy been around anyway?

Elderly, frowning, fanny-packed woman dragging her elderly, fanny-packed husband through the Cheim & Reid booth, walking briskly past works by the likes of Joan Mitchell, Jonathan Lasker, and Paul Morrison.

A pair of fairgoers pause in front of the Maccarone booth’s chocolate Santas by Paul McCarthy:
Fairgoer 1: Wait, are these real chocolate Santas?
Fairgoer 2: Yeah, can’t you smell the chocolate?
Fairgoer 1: Do you think it would melt on the way back to the hotel?
Fairgoer 2: Not if we eat it.

Father talking to his young daughter as they walk dazedly out of Art Basel on Sunday evening.
But if we bought that painting, we probably couldn’t afford to send you to college.