Hollywood Trade #IceBucketChallenge Devolves Into Twitter War

LAObserved got the ball rolling with some media coverage of TheWrap’s August 18 #icebucketchallenge and the admittedly funny visual of site founder Sharon Waxman seeming not to get wet while underlings to her left and right did.

However, as Waxman subsequently tweeted – and LAObserved’s Kevin Roderick updated – she did in fact sustain collateral ice-cube damage. The lack of an SW torrent was the result of TheWrap’s decision to opt, in drought-stricken SoCal, for the most optimally water-supply-friendly route.

But it is on Twitter where the real cold water was poured on TheWrap. After TheWrap senior film reporter Jeff Sneider did not take kindly to the LAObserved coverage, he got into it with David Poland (Movie City News) and Kristopher Tapley (HitFix/In Contention), both of whom with Poland harshly criticizing the above video. [Editor’s Note: Tapley has taken exception with my characterization; please see comments, below.] Also chiming in more neutrally: Sneider’s former colleague Josh Dickey, now with Mashable, and Wall Street Journal film reporter Joe Flint.


Sneider says it was his idea to have TheWrap participate in the ALS viral campaign nominate the other trades. He also wonders if Waxman would be picked on for not getting completely drenched if she was a male media exec.

At the end of TheWrap video and in the associated headline, Waxman delivers that ALS challenge to the other Hollywood trades. At press time, it appears only the gang at Deadline followed suit (August 20).

Because of all this, Sneider chose to block Poland on Twitter. This is significant, as TheWrap film reporter has long been one of Poland’s most ardent fans and frequent re-tweeters.

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