Alright everyone, let’s waste time at Radiohead’s Waste Central

wastecentral.jpgI don’t know if it’s on purpose or what? But the name of Radiohead’s newly launched social networking site may actually speak of what the site is all about, or what it wants its members to do. Waste Central can be two things – a waste of time, or a social network for wasting time.

For non Radiohead fans, Waste Central is just your usual niche social networking site with all the regular features of a social network – a main portal, members/fans own private spaces (profiles), blog and message board features and of course the most important ingredient of a true-blue social networking site, especially geared as a fan base -> facility to upload songs, photos and videos. So, if you are a non-Radiohead fan, you would certainly waste time by visiting Waste Central, or worst if you sign up and register to the site.


But for the full-blooded Radiohead fan, Waste Central is a haven. Not only will they get to create their own profile and establish their presence within the realm of their favorite rock band, but they get access to Radiohead-related clips, up-to-date band tour listings, and who knows later on, some good old’ Radiohead freebies.

On the technical side, Waste Central is pretty much your standard social network portal with a dash of “funkiness” in its black, psychedelic look which typifies Radiohead’s personality as a rock band.

So, it’s up to you if you want to check out Waste Central, whether you are a fan or just a curious lot, there’s no harm in checking it out like I did. Don’t worry, there’s no loud, ear-banging background music streaming on the site. Who knows, you might find it worthwhile and not after a waste of time.