Almost Famous

Robin Givhan ain’t never seen this much ink. The star of this week’s Pulitzers is the woman who basically invented fashion commentary in the daily newspaper.

The subject of a Washingtonian article earlier this spring and a guest on the Colbert Report, she’s been all over the media this week. Wonkette’s critiquing her award-winning outfit and explaining she’s not actually married to Mike Tyson, and Women’s Wear Daily is celebrating how she’s the first fashion critic to win a Pulitzer.

So how’d she celebrate? “Of course, I went shopping,” she tells WWD. “I figure I need a new dress for the occasion, so over the weekend, I made a little visit to Barneys.” She added, “I’ll be back in New York Tuesday. There is an expensive bottle of champagne in my refrigerator that’s been waiting for a special occasion, and I think this definitely qualifies.”

But not everyone is happy. One blogger thinks Givhan is a hack: “Givhan is a Dowd wannabe who seems to regret being stuck on the fashion beat.”

Here’s another email we got this week: “Many of her pieces are mean, rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. This is what the Pulitzers are for? A prize for writing mean, unprofessional pieces that tear people apart and incite angry letters and phone calls?”