Allure Uses White Woman to Teach Readers How to ‘Achieve the Afro Look’

The struggle is the publishing world.

As a notable children’s show would share with its viewers, “One of these things is not like the others; One of these things just doesn’t belong.”

Allure magazine is a nice newsstand pickup for women on-the-go looking for fashion insights and cosmetic wizardry.

Recently, the magazine compiled a story on the retro ’70s-inspired hairstyles. And while their readers are sifting through images of the chic mullet, the Mr. Spock, and whatever feathered bowl cut was trendy at a black-light party, the “loose Afro” came up.

That’s when someone in editorial thought this would be a good idea:


See any problem there? The model is white.

To state the obvious, the Afro is a hairstyle generally associated with black men and women. This hairstyle this model is rocking in the picture, however, is a twist-out.

The model is Marissa Neitling of TNT’s “The Last Ship” who is caught in the middle of this cultural ess-storm for just being there and collecting a check. From HuffPo:

“The issue with the Allure feature goes beyond the routine criticism for not using an obviously black woman and the missed opportunity to reach beyond what clearly must be a predominately lily-white readership and offer tips to black women on how to style their afros rather than steal a style not meant for them,” reads the reaction of editors at, who along with the folks at were among the first to spot the editorial. “Black women didn’t start wearing Afros to be cute,” they note.

Take it away, Black Twitter. The audience is listening.