AllTwitter Asks:Who are Your Favorite Celebrity Tweeters?

We asked, you answered: who are your favorite Twitter celebrities, and why? In our second installment of “AllTwitter Asks”, we turned to you, our lovely readers and followers, for insight into which famous face you couldn’t get enough of on Twitter.

While Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears are the three most-followed Twitter users, they weren’t the favorite of any of our readers. Some members of our community have clear favorites, while others can’t decide which celebrity is the most fun to follow.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that there is something intrinsically fun in following a famous person on Twitter, as the below comments show.

JoeKlemmer admires a popular tweeting lady:

“RT @alltwtr: Who is your favorite Twitter celeb? #alltwtrasks ==> Why, @Alyssa_Milano by a mile, naturally!”

“@alltwtr It really is amazing how @Alyssa_Milano can cover so many topics. She’s also such a normal person. Not so common for child stars.”

LeaveItToKatie likes ’em funny:

“Easy! @ConanOBrien. Or wait, does @sesamestreet count? Both are hilarious RT @alltwtr: Who is your favorite Twitter celeb? Why? #alltwtrasks”

wathiranganga is a Gaiman fan:

“@alltwtr My favorite Twitter celeb is definitely Neil Gaiman.”

nellywagner has a tough time deciding who her favorite is, but eventually settles on one:

“@alltwtr @Joan_Rivers , @JoyVBehar , @piersmorgan .”

“@alltwtr Stephen Fry : @MrsStephenFry , @stephenfry ….Quality , brilliant humor + charitable !”

heyprofbow is hesitant to call her favorite Twitter follow a celebrity:

“@alltwtr Fav celeb is @jenniferehle although she’d likely be horrified I called her that. CC: @USelaine”

Thanks so much to all of the community responses we got during this week’s All Twitter asks. If you want to share your thoughts on what you love about Twitter, we’ll be holding another session next week: simply follow our @alltwtr Twitter account, or search for the hashtag #alltwtrasks to join in!