Filmmaker Starts Sifting Through Her Greta Garbo Record Collection

Indie writer-director Allison Anders gave herself the best possible early Christmas present last year just ahead of the official day. At a two-day Julien’s Auctions event in Beverly Hills, she was the winning bidder for a parcel of 50 rock and pop records once owned by Greta Garbo.

Even better, she has now gifted the world with a Tumblr, Greta’s Records, through which she will share her thoughts as she samples each one of the late actress’ vinyl discs. Here’s part of her take on Disc One – Gene Clark‘s “No Other:”

For some of you who may not know Clark’s work, a quickie here: he came to fame as the lead singer, lead songwriter of folk rock 60s band The Byrds. He quit the band many times and rejoined many times. His work in The Byrds is wonderful, but when he was not in The Byrds, he was making brilliant solo work.

This was his most controversial record, because of the era in which it came out, the price tag it took to make it, and the disastrous lack of sales. But Gene considered it his masterpiece and many people agree. Maybe Greta did too.

Anders goes on to speculate also that one of the other reasons Garbo might have picked up this particular disc is that the actress is pictured on the cover, as the head of the Sphinx. Thank you, Ms. Anders, for this wonderful new Tumblr page.