What Were AllFacebook’s Top 10 Posts Of 2013?

On this last day of 2013, AllFacebook compiled a list of our 10 top posts for the year in terms of page views, and the list turned out to be quite diverse.

On this last day of 2013, AllFacebook compiled a list of our 10 top posts for the year in terms of page views, and the list turned out to be quite diverse.

  1. HRC Red Equal Sign In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage Goes Viral On Facebook, March 26, 54,863 page views: Why were red equal signs popping up all over Facebook? Human Rights Campaign urged users to change their profile pictures to the symbol for equality for same-sex marriage.
  2. 4 Mistakes That Will Get Your Facebook Contest Shut Down, Feb. 20, 42,902 page views: This guest post from ShortStack CEO Jim Belosic pointed out mistakes page administrators were still making when running contests on Facebook.
  3. 12 Tricks The Pros Use To Hack Facebook, April 5, 38,937 page views: This guest post from Dennis Yu offered several tips for page admins looking to bring their plummeting reach numbers back up.
  4. HOW TO: See More (Or Less) Of Your Friend’s Facebook Posts, April 12, 36,229 page views: Facebook users with friends who overshare can follow these instructions to control how frequently their posts will appear in News Feed.
  5. Rihanna Featured In Latest Facebook Sex-Tape Hoax, Feb. 28, 31,778 page views: Singer Rihanna was the flavor of the week when it came to hoaxes that were spread across the social network, possibly bringing with them malware or phishing schemes.
  6. Facebook Starts Placing Restrictions On Event Invites, April 8, 22,603 page views: The social network sought to cure event spam by limiting users to 100 invites at a time and 300 pending invitations.
  7. Facebook Testing New Login Page?, July 2, 21,055 page views: Techzei Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jash Jacob spotted a new Facebook login page featuring an Instagram-like photo montage as a background to the dialog box where users enter their credentials.
  8. Facebook Adds Thumbs-Up Like Icon Sticker To Messenger Apps, Mobile Site, June 24, 19,603 page views: Facebook’s thumbs-up like icon became a sticker in the social network’s Messenger applications for iOS and Android.
  9. INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding Facebook’s Post-Sorting Algorithm, April 15, 18,484: This infographic from PostRocket Co-Founder Mike Maghsoudi attempted to explain how the algorithm that determines which posts users see in their News Feeds actually works.
  10. ‘What’s Your Excuse?’: When A Well-Intentioned Facebook Post Goes Bad, Oct. 15, 18,445 page views: Maria Kang, a 32-year-old mother of three and fitness competitor, posted a photo of herself in a workout bra and shorts, with her three kids, showing off her toned body, with the caption, “What’s your excuse?” However, rather than seeing it as motivational, many Facebook users lashed out at Kang.

Readers: Which was your favorite of these 10 top posts of 2013?

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